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Luke Luke Rutherford
Meet the last Van Helsing

Luke Rutherford's life as a normal teenage boy is thrown upside down when Rupert Galvin, his godfather, reappears after 17 years and informs him that he is the last Van Helsing: the scion of a dynasty of warriors engaged in a battle between Half-Lives and humans. And all this on top of pretending to his mum that nothing's going on. No-one said being a teenager was easy! Click the play button to watch the interview

Rupert Rupert Galvin
The godfather of demon-smiters

Galvin might look like a CIA agent, but no government agency would want him on their payroll. Luke's uncle is an agent of a very different kind - a hardline secret agent in the ongoing battle between Half-Lives and humans. For years he fought alongside Jay Van Helsing. But Galvin now knows the hopes of the humans rest on young Luke, and it's his job to turn him into the ubersmiter. Click on the play button and let Phil Glenister tell you more

Mina Mina Harker
Meet Mina, the part-vampire demon warrior

Using dialysis to clean her blood and fight off the vampire curse that lies within her, Mina has been fighting her own war against the Half-Lives who have so blighted her own existence. When Galvin and later, Luke and Ruby, join her in the fight against the Half-Lives, Mina realises that for the first time in more than 80 years she has friends. Now blind, and reliant on her 'second sight', she has no thoughts for finding love or happiness again – she has a job to do and that's all she cares about. Watch the chat with Zoe Tapper now to find out more

Ruby Ruby
Meet Ruby, Luke's trusted ally

An invaluable part of the gang, Ruby might not have supernatural fighting ability but she's clever and caring. She sees the human story behind the Half-Life crimes that the others sometimes miss. She's also happy to get stuck in when it comes to kicking the hell out of Half-Lives, particularly if it means spending more time with Luke, her best friend. She's wishing friends is not all they were, but Luke's totally oblivious to that. Watch our exclusive chat with Holliday to find out more

Simeon Father Simeon
Meet the zombie priest

Luke and Galvin find themselves up against a particularly tricky demon in episode two. In need of some expert advice, the smiting duo decide to call on a trusty source - the zombie priest, Father Simeon (guest star Richard Wilson). The meeting confirms their worst fears. It also gives Galvin and Simeon a chance to get to know each other again. Something tells us there’s no love lost between these two. Click on the play button now to meet the man himself
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